Yesterday afternoon, I set out on a walk up one of the foothills here in beautiful Boulder, CO. I carried a small pack with nothing but my journal, a thermos of tea, some snacks, and my cell phone in case of an emergency. It was comfortably warm for shorts and a t-shirt. A spring was in my step, and I felt free as a bird, not least because I was not wearing any shoes.

I had a great time over the next six hours, taking my time and stopping frequently to snack or to write. I even did some yoga near a peak in the woods, which felt really good. It was my first hike on a dirt trail this season, and my soles were pretty sensitive by the end of it. Picking my way slowly and carefully down the mountain gave me plenty of pauses to appreciate the beautiful views, the sounds of crickets and birds, and the feel of the evening breeze, so I count it as a win. The smooth concrete of the Boulder Creek path felt like satin after enduring the gravelly trail, and I made it home with no permanent damage. It was a wonderful experience that leaves me wanting more.

During that hike, it occurred to me that it might be fun to make a blog to share my experiences. This is only my second summer barefooting, and it would be nice to have a place to record my excursions and keep track as my range and strength increase. I have also been meaning to dig up some of the research and sources that originally got me into barefooting, and this would be a good place to post some of those along with my responses.

I snapped a few photos on that hike, one of which turned into the header above. Yes, those are my feet! The title “Happy Feet” seemed like a good choice, because although there are plenty of potential benefits of walking and running barefoot, the bottom line is that I do it for the sheer joy of it. Hopefully I can express some of that joy in written form well enough to convince a few of you out there to give barefooting a try. Thanks for reading!

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