Cherry Creek path run

I was at my boyfriend’s place in downtown Denver this morning. He tends to sleep in the mornings, and I usually feel energized by the morning light streaming in the window, so sometimes I get out and do things while I let him sleep in. One of the perks of running barefoot is that my running shoes are always with me, so today I decided to go for a run.

This is the trace of my return trip along the Cherry Creek path, from

This is the trace of my return trip along the Speer path, from

I walked to Speer, which for those of you not familiar with Denver is a divided boulevard straddling Cherry Creek, with bike and pedestrian paths in the flood channel along the creek. The ramps down to the pedestrian path only come once every couple blocks or so, and I did not remember the best way in, so I had to walk a bit before I found an entrance. I ran southeast to Bannock Street, which turns out to be almost exactly 2 km. I walked a bit to rest, and then I turned around and ran back, this time exiting at Larimer and continuing for a bit, which made the return trip about 2.6 km. I saw some lightning in the distance on the way back, so my timing may have been fortunate. Overall I had a very good run for my third excursion in as many days. I felt a bit of soreness, especially toward the beginning, but as I found my pace I felt pretty strong and comfortable.

Cherry Creek path is a long, straight shot, which is perfect for runs like today, when I had no set range in mind. While I do sometimes intentionally aim for certain distances, it is also nice to occasionally run with no goal. I find that runs like today’s remind me that the real reason I run is for the sheer joy of it. Just heading out and turning around when I get tired still gives me a great start to the day.

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