Sanitas Valley Trail

Back on 25 May, I walked up the Sanitas Valley Trail. I mentioned it in my post about making bike pedal pads. I was busy after that walk, so I did not write about it immediately, but I did take some pictures that might be worth sharing. First, a panorama from near the start of the trail:

view uphill from near the bottom of the Sanitas Valley trail

This view illustrates why I love this trail so much. When you look around you on the trail, it looks no different from a trail high in the mountains, far away from the city. Contrast that with this satellite view from Google Maps:

satellite view showing the trail's proximity to Boulder

satellite view showing the trail’s proximity to Boulder

As the crow flies, the trail is as close as you can get to north Boulder. Dakota Ridge stands between Mount Sanitas and the city and makes half of the valley that the trail is in. I love how a trail that is so convenient can still feel like a getaway from civilization.

I walked 1.6 km — pretty much exactly a mile — up to a spot with a view to the north. To date this is probably the longest I have walked on a trail. It was close to where the trail ends in the ritzy neighborhood off of Linden Avenue. Here is the view from the top:

This view is toward north Boulder, over the Goat trail. Boulder reservoir is the lake closest to the center, and the one to the right is Valmont reservoir.

The trail is a fairly easy grade, but the surface is rough in some places. That just means it is good for building up callouses in my opinion. I remember taking it slowly on the way down, but I am not sure how much of that was foot sensitivity or ankle soreness from downhill climbing.

To finish, here are some photos of a large beetle I saw on the path on the way down. Just its abdomen was between the size of a nickel and a quarter. I looked around a bit on Google images to see if I could identify it, but I did not manage to.

UCB: unidentified crawling beetle

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